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A single cell is only 1.2 volts and safe to handle - for example: AA batteries are 1.5 volts and everyone uses them. Tool Batteries require higher voltages and therefore cells are connected in series to increase the voltage. Most tool batteries are 19.2 volts or less and when handled correctly are safe. Some tools use 24 and 36 volt batteries and these should be assembled only by professional trades people knowledgeable in this field.

You should build the Rambo Battery™ or Porta-Pak™ battery with its highest voltage to charge in the proper charger. In other words, if you have a 19.2 volt NiMH battery charger then build the battery using NiMH cells. If you have an 18 volt NiCD charger and 18 volts is the highest voltage of the Rambo Battery™ you are building then it is wise to use highest power available NiCD cells.

I've had good luck charging NiMH cells in NiCD chargers, but we can't recommended it and you do it at your own risk. Universal chargers from Makita and Milwaukee, to name a couple, work great for both NiCD and NiMH.

Any rechargeable battery can burn, as you know, from the publicity about Li-ion batteries in cell phones and laptop computers burning or exploding. It is smart to create a charging station where a charger and/or battery, if caught fire, would not be on or around flammable materials or vapors.

Do not store rechargeable batteries in direct sun light or super hot places because heat lowers the life of the batteries and can cause the cells to leak.

Building the Rambo Battery™ and the various processes used have been done many times without incident and if you follow these directions carefully, you will most likely have no incidents as well. Building these items and use of these processes are entirely at your own risk.

Rechargeable cells and batteries are frequently fully charged when sold and shorting them can cause a fire, burns, or worse. Connecting cells in series increases the voltage by 1.2 volts for each cell connected.

Connecting a large number of cells in series can create a high enough voltage and current that can harm or kill a person. As a safety precaution, it is recommended that you wear protective eye ware and clothing. Shorting cells or batteries will create a spark, so do not work with batteries and cells around flammable materials or in an enclosed area with flammable fumes or gas. You accept all responsibility for your use of these processes.

Unique Dynamics, Inc. is the sole owner of this invention and is not responsible for its use under any circumstances.

The safety features described in this guide have not been tested and are simple common sense safety features and might not work as expected in all situations for all people. After building the Rambo Battery™, test the force needed to break away the holster from the belt and the wire from the belt and the belt from your body to be sure they work and to get a feel for what is necessary to prevent you from losing your balance if the belt or wire or tool is snagged.

Do not wear the Rambo Battery™ on roofs or other areas where a snagged belt, wire, or tool might cause you to fall or be pulled into dangerous equipment. As with all batteries, do not allow the Rambo Battery™ to overheat and don't expose to fire or flames. All cells, batteries, and other materials should be recycled according to law.

Do not wear any clothing or items over the Rambo Battery™ and don't cover it when charging.


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