Do The Impossible #2
4 tools impossible 1

All The Above Tools Are NiCD Only -

  • Correction - they WERE NiCad only.
  • Problem: - You have tools you love, but can only get low power NiCD batteries
  • Our Rambo Battery™ and/or Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ Kits enable you to assemble the battery using NiCD or more powerful NiMH cells
  • Battery power is rated in amps (A) or milli-amp hours (mAh) (1 milliamp = 1/1000 of an amp)
  • A typical NiCad battery would be 1200 mAh or 1.2 amp hour rated
  • A typical NiMH battery would be 3600 mAh or 3.6 amp hour rated
  • Logically, a Rambo Battery™ with NiMH cells would last 3 times longer than a NiCad battery.
  • Example: Suppose you owned the 4 tools above. With one Rambo Battery™ Multi-Voltage version with NiMH cells you could power any of the 4 tools with more power and run time than you could ever get with any of the manufacturers batteries.
  • Assembling and making the battery adapters is easy with our step by step online guide and basic skills.


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