Do The Impossible #4

Smaller Can Be Better -

  • Sometimes the tool battery is in the way
  • You can build a battery adapter for your tool that only uses the top of the old battery. The downside is that the tool won't stand up, but the smaller size makes it easier to work in kitchen cabinets, under sinks, etc.

Lighter Can Be Better -

  • Working under kitchen cabinets or anywhere your arm is extended for any length of time can really tire you out after a few hours.
  • Removing the heavy part of the tool battery, the cell cluster, makes a big reduction in the overall weight of the tool. Using just the battery adapter top reduces the weight even more.

The Black & Decker Firestorm drill on the right has only the battery adapter top inserted into the drill. I used this setup to work under my kitchen cabinets when installing ball bearing drawer slides.

The drill on the left stands up on the battery housing and weighs less with the cell cluster removed.

black and decker battery adapter for Rambo Battery and Porta-Pak

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