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Our Lowest Cost Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ Kit

The STANDARD version of our Porta-Pak™ Kit offers these features:

  • If you have only 1 tool then this is the correct Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ for you. You can assemble it to output any voltage up to 24 volts.
  • Easiest to assemble because there is less to put together.
  • Lowest cost because it is single voltage and uses fewer parts.
  • Can be expanded Later by adding a multi-votage switch and battery adapters.
  • Less expensive than conventional batteries because you can easily replace a bad cell in a few minutes and not have to toss the entire battery.
  • Optional cable enables you to work 12' from the Porta-Pak™ Power Station™.
Rambo Battery Std Kit


Drill and Porta-Pak™ without cover for illustration purposes only - Drill not included w/Porta-Pak™ Kit

What Is Included - Porta-Pak™ Standard Kit

The STANDARD version of our Porta-Pak™ Power Station™ Kit includes:

    1. Porta-Pak™ Belt for Sub-C cells – Up to 24 volt size
    2. Cable – 6ft. Black #16 – 2 conductor
    3. Quick Disconnects – 2 pair (2 bullet – 2 push on) & #16 – 2 Wire x 8” Long To Make 1 Battery Adapter
    4. Teflon Tape 10mil  ½” x 9” long
    5. Velcro Handle Kit
    6. Velcro  Bottom Cover
    7. Velcro Top Cover
    8. Letter Label Strip
    9. Rambo Battery™ Build It! Guide™ Online Instruction Guide – Includes Porta-Pak™

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