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Shipping & Returns Policy           
Shipping and Return Policy
Shipping and Return Policy of Unique Dynamics, Inc.


1. Shipping Information

We typically use USPS for shipping, but might use UPS, FEDEX, or other shipping company at our discretion.

There is no free shipping unless specifically stated with the item purchased.

Ebooks and online guides that are sent by email or whose access info is sent by email are not normally charged shipping.

If a shipping charge is listed separately on your sales invoice then California sales tax is not charged on shipping charges. If shipping expense is not separated from the price of the product then you will be charged California sales tax on the full amount if shipped to California.

Until further notice, shipping charges are either added to the price of the item or calculated based upon the following table:

From (USD) To (USD) Rate (USD)
.01 15.00 7.00
15.01 75.00 12.00
75.01 200.00 20.00
200.01 up 40.00

Items are typically sent using USPS Priority Mail.
Items that are optional must be purchased and shipped with a Rambo Battery or Porta-Pak. Optional items can not be purchased alone.

2. Return Information

We do not accept returns. In an effort to keep costs and prices down we do not accept returns. We have adequately described and illustrated our products for you to know what is being sold. We offer our Rambo Battery™ Build It!™ Guide at a minimal cost for those customers that want to be sure they can build it before they purchase or simply want to know how it's built.

3. Defective Merchandise

If any of our items are defective then we will replace those items at our discretion, but only if returned using an RMA # supplied by us before the return. Items sent to us without an RMA# will not be returned and will not be replaced.

Contact us prior to return for an RMA# by email sent to info@rambobattery.com or info@uniquedynamics.com. Be sure to explain the reason for wanting a replacement in detail in your email. You can call us at 619-825-0519 and leave a message, but expect up to 3 days for a return call..

4. Shipping Costs

We will not under any circumstances be responsible for customers shipping expenses. We will pay for shipping of replacements for defective items.

5. Effective Date: This Shipping and Return Policy is effective as of 12-1-2010.


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