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Skills and Tools Needed
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Skills and Tools Needed to Assemble a RAMBO BATTERY™ Kit


  • Be able to use or learn how to use a soldering gun or iron
  • Be able to use or learn how to use a simple volt meter for measuring voltage.
  • Be able to use hand tools like wire cutters and strippers, pliers, screwdriver, etc.
  • If you are in the trades - electrician, carpenter, etc. building a Rambo Battery will be easy
  • If you have basic skills using cordless tools and hand tools building a Rambo Battery should be fairly easy
  • If you have trouble using a screwdriver or a hammer - this is not for you.


TOOLS - Required and Optional:

Harbor Freight is a cheap source - Radio Shack - Lowes - H.D.


  • Necessary - It does not matter what volt meter you have as long as you can measure 1 to 36 volts. A cheap digital meter is the easiest to use and is recommended. Sells for $2.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Necessary - You will use this to crimp various connectors and for stripping wires. It also cuts wires. Sells for $2.99.
volt meter


  • Necessary - A Weller brand soldering gun is best, but this cheap one from Harbor Freight will do the job. Sells for $9.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Optional - This is a less expensive option to the soldering gun. Some procedures are easier with the soldering iron and some with the gun. Sells for $4.49+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Optional- You need a drill and drill bits for drilling plastic up to a 3/8" hole. These step drills work great for drilling plastic and are recommended. Sells for $8.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Necessary - Any hot melt glue gun will work. Sells for about $4.99.
volt meter


  • Necessary - It's a good idea to invest in high quality screwdrivers, but here is a cheap set that will work. Sells for $2.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Necessary - You can cut wire with the crimping tool, but this cheap tool will make all cutting much easier. Used for many operations. Sells for $2.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Necessary - Rosin core solder is a must have for assembly. If you buy the soldering gun above, it comes with rosin core solder. Sells for $5.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Optional - The Rambo Battery™ can be built as Rigid or Flexible. The Rigid is the easiest to build. You will need clear or black silicone for it. Sells for $0.99 at the 99 cent or dollar store
volt meter


  • Optional - Some battery housings use security screws (like Craftsman) which have a tit in the middle. This is the best set, but there is a cheaper one. Sells for $8.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Optional - Not needed for the Rambo Battery™ Kit, but you will need a small piece for the Porta-Pak™ Power Station™. You can also use a piece of duct tape. Sells for $1.99+ on sale.
volt meter


  • Optional - Do you have a tool battery with a sealed housing such as a makita or dewalt 12 volt? You can cut open the case with a Dremel or this tool. The variable speed tool is even better. Sells for $19.99+ on sale.
volt meter

Rambo Battery™ Build It! Guide™ Online Only!

  • Required - You will need our guide to build a Rambo Battery™ or a Porta-Pak™ Power Station™. Guide access is included FREE with all of our kits.
volt meter

Sub-C Cells with Tabs

  • Required - You will need to purchase cells to build our kit or, if money is tight, scavenge good cells from good or bad batteries and then they are free. Our guide covers how to use scavenged cells and what to watch for.
  • New cells range in price from about $1.25 to $6.00 each.
  • You must use Sub-C w/tabs, NOT 4/5 Sub-C.
  • Look for "high drain" or "For battery packs"

NOTICE! - We Have Cells! Look Under "Options" on our order page

We've listed a number of suppliers of cells here - click

You can also search Ebay for cells

Scavenged Cells are FREE - Save Money & the Environment!

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The Rambo Battery and Porta-Pak are sold as kits that are easy to assemble. You either scavenge cells from other tool batteries such as Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, Black and Decker, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Skil, or Kawasaki, or buy new cells.

Of course new Sub-C cells with tabs are the best choice but can be pricey. The more expensive brands of tools such as Dewalt, Craftsman, Milwaukee, and Makita use higher quality cells with more power output and with a higher charge rate and higher discharge rate. Cheap cordless power tools like drill master from Harbor Freight use the cheapest NiCD Sub-C cells. You can't expect much from these cells and they should not be used in a Rambo Battery™ or Porta-Pak™ Power Station™. Some other companies make some really cheap models of tools also like Skil and Coleman.

Battery Chargers that are the best to use are the universal chargers that will charge NiCD and NiMH batteries and detect voltages of 7.2 to 19.2 volts and some good chargers we like are the Makita and Milwaukee Universal battery chargers.

We just tested the new Craftsman Li-Ion and NiCD charger and it charged a NiMH and NiCD Rambo Battery and Porta-Pak and the cells only got a little warm. We only charged one Porta-Pak made with Tenergy 2400 mAh NiCD cells with a Ryobi 1 hour charger and it cooked the cells, so we say do not use the Ryobi 1 hour Charger.

The little cheap charger that many companies make like Black and Decker, Skil, Hitachi, Firestorm, Coleman, Drill Master, and Bosch can be used to charge most Sub-C cells because the current output is only about 200 to 600 mAh. Since most Sub-C cells are 1200 mAh or greater there is little risk of cooking the cells when charging.

The big risk with the cheap little chargers is overcharging the batteries because they don't have a brain to turn off the charger when it should be turned off. Most Quality companies like Dewalt, Craftsman, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Porter Cable, Black and Decker and Bosch offer smart chargers that turn off the charging when the battery is full.

Battery Resurrection will get you more life from your NiCD rechargeable rechargable batteries. Our Rambo Battery™ will replace many other brands of batteries when Resurrection will no longer work, such as Dewalt, Craftsman, Makita, Milwaukee, Firestorm, Bosch, and Ryobi cordless power tool batteries.

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